Developing a modern brand identity

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Bridging the gap towards clinical development

Scintomics faced a challenge with their rebranding efforts, struggling to break through creative barriers internally. They turned to us for a fresh perspective. Starting from a brief that outlined specific colours and initial ideas, we developed a 3D animation to explain their radiohybrid technology. Additionally, we designed a new website that streamlined their services and prominently featured their portfolio, giving a cohesive and modern face to their brand.

tablet in hands displaying scintomcs website
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3d animation A novel class of Radiopharmaceuticals. Radiohybrids are Radiopharmaceuticals that address all aspects of theranostics.jpg

“Sensu not only delivered on their promises, a rarity in today’s projects, but also surpassed our expectations. We are ecstatic with both the process and the end result. Every single objective we had for our website and video was achieved with such excellence that it was well received by customers and partners.”

Jan Niclas Wester | CEO

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Integration from animation to website

Starting with the animation, we used a vibrant, colour-rich template to showcase Scintomics' radiopharmaceuticals. Our transition from animation to website involved using the same models and stills to ensure visual consistency. This strategy unified the company's digital presence, blending the website with the animation's dynamic visuals. By carrying over these elements, we crafted a cohesive look that defined Scintomics' new brand identity.

tablet in hands displaying scintomcs website

Streamlining information

Our approach to web design starts with a philosophy of simplicity and clarity, crucial for companies that deal in complex content. For Scintomics’ website, we prioritised making their pipeline products and technology easily accessible. By structuring the site to present information intuitively, we ensured that users can find what they are looking for.

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This image shows the website for Scintomics designed by Sensu on three separate screens.jpg

A unique look and feel

In developing Scintomics' look and feel, we pioneered an aesthetic that diverges from typical biotech conventions. This design, both playful and original, mirrors the spirit of the company while remaining professional and trustworthy. This fresh approach offers a compelling blueprint for other companies seeking to stand out.

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3d animation A novel class of Radiopharmaceuticals. Radiohybrids are Radiopharmaceuticals that address all aspects of theranostics.jpg

Animation as the starting point

From the outset, the animation defined the vibrant colour scheme we used throughout this project. Departing from conventional industry hues, we introduced bold and playful colours to bring this 3D explanatory animation to life.

3d animation of Swirl of green and blue particles representing biological data.jpg

Transforming abstract capabilities into a story


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Bringing life-saving technology to the forefront


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Compelling visuals as a branding cornerstone


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